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Accordion Træf 2017
22.-29. oktober

Jyderup Accordion træf er et ugelangt symposium om kreativitet,  improvisation og komposition med internationale gæstelærere af højeste kaliber.


For over 40 year master drummer Pheeroan Aklaff has been a major force on the global scene of improvised music. Often featured on albums by such artists as Henry Threadgill, Oliver Lake, Wadada Leo Smith, Julius Hemphill,  Michael Gregory Jackson, Anthony Davis and Anthony Braxton to name a few. He has a totally original sound on the drums and his own compositional world.
He has worked with Cecil Taylor, Mal Waldron, George Adams and Andrew Hill and was a member of Air and Living Colour.
Its a dream come true to have this incredible musician at Jyderup Accordion træf.

One of the greatest and most innovative trumpet players in Europe! He is loved for his work with the Globe Unity Orchestra, the Louis Sclavis Quintet, his duos with Joelle Leandre and Herb Robertson. his work with Michel Godard and Axel Dörner, Paul Lovens, the Apollo Trio and many more.
He is a very expressive improvisor and one of the underground gems of central Europe. Its going to be amazing to have him at Jyderup to share his music vision with us.

Cooper-Moore is a completely unique voice on the world stage. instrument creator, pianist, drummer, poet…
he was a regular member of the legendary David S. Ware quartet and has collaborated with many many different artists such as William Parker, Ches Smith, Charlie Burnham, Darius Jones and Bob Moses. He has visited Denmark several times with the great trio Digital Primitives which showcases his many unique instruments all on which Coope-Moore is a complete virtuoso.
We are incredibly lucky to have Cooper-Moore back at Jyderup. he was at the first Accordeontræf in 2013 and changed our minds forever.

Oliver Lake is one of the clearest and individual artists alive in the USA. he has released his music since the late 60’s and lead his own label (Passin´ Thru) since the 80’s where he has released solo albums, organ quartet, a quartet with steel pan, bigband, solo poetry and countless other steady bands and projects. He is a founding member of BAG (the Black Artist Group) and of the World Saxophone Quartet. He has collaborated with Lou Reed, Bjørk and pretty much everybody on the improvised music scene and plays often with his working band the Trio 3 (with Andrew Cyrille and Reggie Workman). Mr Lake is simply one of the biggest and brightest shining stars of creative music and he has been for over 50 years!


From a musical family, Kali. Z. Fasteau played piano, cello, flute, and sang since early childhood in Paris and New York.  Specializing in spontaneous composition, she performs on nai, kaval and shakuhachi flutes, voice, piano, drum set, viola, mizmar, soprano sax, sanza, and cello.  She studied the music of Asia, Africa, 20th Century Europe and Jazz, and traveled for 14 years, living in India (2 years), Turkey (1 year), Nepal, Morocco, Senegal, Congo, Italy, Holland (3 years), France (many years), Denmark (!), Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Zimbabwe, Mali, Niger, Yugoslavia, Germany, Greece, Haiti and America, performing in music festivals, concerts, national radio, TV, and film soundtracks.  Kali. Z recorded 20 albums as leader, 16 on FLYING NOTE Records.

Kali‘s recording and performing associates include: Donald Rafael Garrett, Kidd  Jordan, Archie Shepp, Beaver Harris, Rashied Ali, William Parker, Newman Baker, Warren Smith, Michael Wimberly, L. Mixashawn Rozie, Jeanne Lee, Marilyn Mazur, Joseph Jarman, Joe McPhee, Hamid Drake, Bobby Few, Noah Howard, Sabir Mateen, and many others.

She formulated her theory of spontaneous composition, entitled “The Tao of Music” in 1974, published in five languages in music journals internationally.

Nicols was born in Edinburgh in 1948. At the age of fifteen she left school and started to work as a dancer at the Windmill Theatre. Her first singing engagement was in a strip club in Manchester at the age of sixteen. At about that time she became obsessed with jazz
In 1968, she went to London and joined (as Maggie Nichols)  the Spontaneous Music Ensemble, with John StevensTrevor Watts, and Johnny Dyani, afterwards she became part of Keith Tippett‘s fifty-piece British jazz/progressive rock big band Centipede, which included Julie TippettsPhil MintonRobert WyattDudu Pukwana, and Alan Skidmore
By the late 1970s, Nicols had become an active feminist, and co-founded the Feminist Improvising Group, which performed across Europe, with Lindsay Cooper. She also organised Contradictions, a women’s workshop performance group that began in 1980 and dealt with improvisation and other modes of performance in a variety of media including music and dance
Nicols has also collaborated regularly over the years with Swiss pianist Irene Schweizer and French bassist Joelle Leandre, including tours and three recordings as the trio “Les Diaboliques”.

One of the most distinct voices on the guitar alive. In 1976 he studied for a year with Derek Bailey and in 1977 he gave up the electric guitar and started playing acoustic guitar exclusively. He is a key member of the contemporary music scene in London playing such venues as cafe Oto and the Vortex.
Apart from solo playing, Russell can be seen playing in numerous one-off performances with musicians at his monthly Mopomoso club in London. He tours regularly, has a long-running trio with saxophonist John Butcher and violinist Phil Durrant and duos with Roger Turner, Stefan Keune, Phil MintonEvan Parker and Luc Houtkamp. In 1981, he founded Quaqua, an ensemble that varies in size and draws from a large pool of improvisers. In 2009 he formed House Full of Floors with Evan Parker and John Edwards.

In the last few years Russell has ended his exclusive association with acoustic guitar by playing electric guitar in several live performances including as part of Evan Parker’s Electro-Acoustic ensemble and in a duo with Sonic Youth‘s Thurston Moore.


En af Danmark mest benyttede trommeslagere og har gjort det med adskillige internationalt famøse musikere i ligeså adskillige konstellationer

Femte gang tovholder og arrangør af Jyderup Accordion Træf



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Poul-Henrik er 56 år og elsker at undervise og fortælle. Han er uddannet som diplom journalist og læser historie. Han har arbejdet inden for fagbevægelsen, politik, kunst & musik og har en højskolebaggrund fra blandt andet Esbjerg Højskole, Sdr. Felding Højskole og Engelsholm Højskole (forstander).

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