Normal student
–  1600 dkr. per. week
(Incl. food, accommodation, and education)

Dayterm student
1000 dkr. per. week
(incl. food og education)

Registration fee: 950 dkr.
(Your registration is valid when the registration fee is paid)

Study trip is not included in the price


Danish Language and Culture at
Jyderup Folk High School

Do you want to explore your Danish roots?

Join our course in Danish Language and Culture at Jyderup Folk High School. This course is a unique opportunity to develop and strengthen your Danish speaking and writing both through the classes and the experience of living with Danish pupils.

“I don’t think I can ever truly convey what has happened and what I have gained, experienced and all the great and weird people I have met along the way, which now are some of my truest friends. The past month has been the best times of my life, from picking up a new instrument, playing with a band, learning a language in only three months and obviously all the good parties and all the concerts.

What a great conscious expander and mind opener this has been for me, I’m absolutely devastated to be leaving. People here are like family, and they truly have something special going on here. This experience will forever be part of my life”.
-Connor Mogensen, Zimbabwe

You can stay for 25 or 19 weeks in spring or autumn. You will learn about Danish culture, history and mentality, and at the same time be joining everyday life with approximately 45 other pupils in a typical Danish folk high school environment.

Jyderup Folk High School is a small, classic school beautifully located in the city of Jyderup, one hour by train from Copenhagen. The school offers a handful of main subjects – Danish Language and Culture being one of them – ranging from music through art to sustainable living. The spirit of the school is one of openness, curiosity, dedication and creativity.

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Main teacher:
Anders Schreiner
Anders Schreiner