Normal student
–  1550 dkr. per. week
(Incl. food, accommodation, and education)

Dayterm student
1000 dkr. per. week
(incl. food og education)

Registration fee: 950 dkr.
(Your registration is valid when the registration fee is paid)

Study trip is not included in the price


Fine Art at Jyderup Højskole

When studying fine art at Jyderup Folk High School you will learn and develop yourself as an artist by throwing yourself into new challenges and dare to fail – learning by doing. Anders Reventlov, the main art teacher, guarantees an intensive and energetic guidance, that will be challenging, hard, exciting and enjoyable. You also get a unique opportunity to meet and work together with established Danish and international artists and graphic designers.

The teaching is a mix of theory and practice. You obtain new insights and have time to work on your own terms. It is up to you as a student how much effort you put into your practice. The more you work, the better guidance you can get, and the more you can develop yourself as an artist. We also take a look at the world of fine art in general from the non-commercial activist arts to the commercial and curatorial arts. Ongoing during the semester we will visit current exhibitions in Denmark and have visits from inspiring guest teachers from Denmark and abroad.

At the fine art course, you will,
  • attend workshops with graffiti, painting, drawing, sculpture, video and installation art
  • get professional feedback and learn new working techniques in your art
  • learn what it means to work seriously, meaningfully and focused with art
  • learn how to organize yourself as an artist and how to talk about and understand your own work
  • develop a project from idea to finished work
  • curate and establish exhibitions from project description to ready exhibition
  • meet several guest teachers

If you wish to apply to an art academy in Denmark or abroad we will offer you consultancy on that matter.


Anders Reventlov will make you consider art in ways you may never thought possible. The teaching is workshop based and spiced up with theory.

Anders is educated visual artist from the Jutland Academy of Arts 2004-2009 and has painted graffiti since 1996. Anders Works with an idea that drawing can be writing based on the Mexican muralists’ mindset about art as something that should be accessible to the wide population.