Normal student
–  1400 dkr. per. week
(Incl. food, accommodation, and education)

Dayterm student
1000 dkr. per. week
(incl. food og education)

Study trip is not included in the price


Spring 2017

  • 24 weeks: 8. Jan. – 24. June
  • 12 weeks: 8. Jan. – 1. April
  • 12 weeks: 2. April – 24. June

Efterår 2017

  • 18 weeks: 13. Aug. – 16. Dec.
  • 12 weeks: 24. Sep. – 16. Dec.

If you want to study in a shorter period
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Compose, produce and perform electronic music at Jyderup Electronic

If you want to focus on your music, compose and produce it on your computer, we recommend this course in electronic music at Jyderup Folk High School. Jyderup Electronic Music has three sound studios, dedicated teachers and ambitious fellow students. The surroundings are beautiful and perfect for profound work and redemptive breaks.

The program provides space for inspiration and immersion in your own practice and gives you the opportunity to find your expression. We take interest in each student, whether you just started making music or are an experienced musician, whatever music you are doing.
Come with your energy, your ideas and visions. We will get you started and support your further development.

Subjects on Jyderup Electronic Music:
  • Music production with Ableton Live and Logic Pro: You learn how to use the programs, the built-in plugins and instruments, and learn about production techniques and tricks
  • Studio Techniques: You learn various recording techniques as well as mixing and mastering your music
  • Composition: You will be introduced to the art of composing. We challenge and guide you in both the artistic and technical aspects
  • Live electronics: We play live on midi controllers, Kaoss Pads, running machines, analog effects and synthesizers
  • Synthesizer: Say goodbye to presets, here you learn everything about synthesizer terminology and subtractive synthesis, FM, wavetables, modular synth and samplers
  • The history of electronic music: Get an inspiring insight into the technological and artistic development of electronic music from the beginning to the present. We study the music methods of, among others, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Delia Derbyshire, Kraftwerk and Aphex Twin’s
  • Music training: Learn about tones and rhythms, train your musical tools and get more insight and energy into your own music
  • Individual project: Decide your own project with assistance, guidance and support from teachers and fellow students
  • Arts and industry: We focus on topics like inspiration, creativity, motivation, empowerment, music industry and career


Regularly we invite some of Denmark’s leading electronic musicians to our guest teacher workshops, ranging from avant-garde and sound art to techno and alternative pop.


When studying electronic music at Jyderup Folk High School, you become part of a creative environment. The school houses several other creative courses, and you have the opportunity to challenge yourself by doing something completely different and participate in some of the secondary courses. Several subjects offer a unique opportunity for highly relevant combinations, such as vocal and vocal training, piano, guitar, ukulele, composer, songwriting and more. Besides we arrange interdisciplinary projects with several of the other courses.


Henrik Sundh is educated from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC) 2000 with piano as the main instrument. He has a wide-ranging experience in the music industry and has taught in synthesizer, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, composition, piano, composer, audience and artistic guidance on for instance Rhythmic Conservatory of Music, The Danish Conservatory of Music and Nordjysk Music Conservatory.