Normal student
–  1400 dkr. per. week
(Incl. food, accommodation, and education)

Dayterm student
1000 dkr. per. week
(incl. food og education)

Study trip is not included in the price


Live Music

Make live music with others while learning to write and produce your own songs

The course in live music at Jyderup Folk High School is built around three pillars: songwriting, interaction and production. The teaching is composed to guide your development in the creative process as musician, both as an individual and with other musicians. Your desire to create is the driving force, and we offer a marvelous space with songs, music and creativity that makes life a little bigger and with room for both mistakes, big words, craziness and banalities.

What to expect at the live music course:
  • Contemplation in your instrument
  • Strengthening your voice, if you are a singer
  • Playing with fellow students
  • Study trip with live jobs
  • Workshops with Danish and international guest teachers
  • Working with Danish and international producers to record your own songs
  • Bring home recorded tracks of your own music
  • Play live at venues and festivals
  • Co-writing and recording with electronic musicians
  • Learn about conditions and rights – KODA, DAF, DMF, DJBFA og DPA


Song writing is about the composition, the backbone of the music. We investigate workflows and musical styles and talk about how a song becomes a song. At what point does a listener experience that a composition is being performed.

The interaction is the interaction with others during the creation of music, from jam session and band playing to the setup and execution of tours and concerts. Perhaps you will try teaching your composition to the rest of the team, or we put together an orchestra with the instrumentalists we are. We focus both on making your ideas work and find your role in the context of the band. You will be trained in getting your ideas out there and think as a performer.

The production section is about documenting what you create. The documentation can be anything from a phone or cassette recording to a finished production made in Logic or Ableton Live. During the course you build a collection of sketches, songs, tracks or rehearsal recordings, thus gaining a better understanding of who you are like musicians and what your possibilities and pitfalls are.

The spring semester presents a concert with one of the grand old men in Danish songwriting, Niels Hausgaard. As a student, you also have the opportunity to play live at different venues, and once a month we arrange open mic at the local cafe.


When studying live music at Jyderup Folk High School, you become part of a creative environment. The school houses several other creative courses, and you have the opportunity to challenge yourself by doing something completely different and participate in some of the secondary courses. Several subjects offer a unique opportunity for highly relevant combinations, such as vocal and vocal training, piano, guitar, ukulele, composer, songwriting and more. Besides we arrange interdisciplinary projects with several of the other courses.


The live music course at Jyderup Folk High School is led by Anders Wallin who, among others, plays in the band Skammens Vogn. He also has his own solo project, The Gun, and previously played with the Blue Foundation.

He is educated from Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC) in 2005, with contrabass as main instrument. He is also a singer, composer and producer. He has played as sideman with several different artist, from garage rock to big pop orchestras over indie folk and avantgarde jazz. As a producer has a wide repertoire from soundtracks for Zentropa Films to grammy nominated jazz and pop albums.