–  1550 dkr. per. week
(Incl. food, accommodation, and education)
300 kroner extra per week for single room

Registration fee: 950 dkr.
(Your registration is valid when the registration fee is paid)

Study trip is not included in the price



Learn to compose, produce and perform your own music.

Music at Jyderup Højskole is all about creating – you learn how to make your own music and you try it out live and in the studio. We take the time to develop your individual interest and style in the music.  

Jyderup Electronic & Musiker

On the course you have to choose between two focuses: One is you who want to work with electronic music, and the other is for you who have interest in singer-song writing and playing live music. We call them ‘Jyderup Electronic’ and ‘Musician’. 

Most of the time we work together, but we also separate in order to focus and specialize. When ‘Jyderup Electronic’ go into depth with modular synthesizers for instance, ‘Musician’ will play together or get to know their instruments better.  

Ideas and process

You learn different tools in order to compose, produce, write, and work with form and arrangements so that you can strengthen your own musicality. You will get support all the way from idea to release, which also means that your experience with creating music isn’t important. The most important is that you want to make your own music, because that’s what you do at Jyderup Højskole. 


Jyderup Højskole has three studios, a work room, and a rehearsal room. They’re equipped with all the things you need: microphones, instruments, soundcards, MIDI-controllers, and more. You will learn how to use the program Ableton Live, as well as you will learn to record, sample, mix, and use Ableton as a live instrument. 

On stage 

At Jyderup Højskole you will get the opportunity to develop your skills within different groups of instruments. You will gain experience with arranging your music in different genres and styles, and you will learn how to perform electronic music live with controllers and so on. We will also discuss how to interact with computers and electronic instruments in an acoustic universe, and the other way around.   

The music industry 360° 

As a performing musician you have to have insights in many different aspects of the industry. How do you create an audience for your music? Should you contact a label, or is it better releasing yourself? How to make an EP? Questions like these are also part of the music course at Jyderup Højskole. We prepare individual plans of action that take your interests, skills, and ambitions into account. 

If you dream about studying at one of the music academies, we will help you out with the preparations and application.  

Teacher: Henrik Sundh

Henrik Sundh is educated from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC) 2000 with piano as the main instrument. He has a wide-ranging experience in the music industry and has taught in synthesizer, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, composition, piano, composer, audience and artistic guidance on for instance Rhythmic Conservatory of Music, The Danish Conservatory of Music and Nordjysk Music Conservatory.

Teacher: Anna Roemer