–  1725 dkk per. week
(Incl. food, accommodation, and education)
300 dkk extra per week for single room

Registration fee: 950 dkk
(Your registration is valid when the registration fee is paid)

Study trip is not included in the price

NB! New prices for 2022:

Food, accomodation and study:
1600 Dkr. per week

Study trip: 3000 Dkr.


Wild Life

  • Do you want to experience how to live in accordance with nature? How to make a fire, to hunt, fish, and so on?
  • Do you love being outdoors and are you dreaming of an everyday life full of kayaking, mountain bikes, wandering and climbing?
  • Do you want to become more familiar with nature and be able to recognize plants, bird voices, the rhythms of the nature?

You will learn all of this – and more – at Wild life at Jyderup Højskole.

A deeper understanding and action

Wild life at Jyderup Højskole is a combination of in-depth understanding of nature and more classic outdoor activities such as climbing, kayaking, and basic survival. We guarantee that your mental and psychical borders will be pushed. You do not need any pre-qualifications to attend the course except the willingness to be challenged.

Together in the wilderness

You will learn how to find your way in the forest without navigation. You will learn how to glean and recognize eatable plants, you will learn how to perceive nature in new ways. You will meet indigenous people from all over the world online and learn from their styles of living. You will meet people working with nature, agriculture, and biodiversity in Denmark though whom you will gain political insights as well.   But first and foremost: You will get peace and serenity to feel connected with nature. 

Every term is seasonal, and the Fall semester is a bit longer than Spring. 

The course will mainly be taught in Danish. 


Aske Jokil

Aske is a nature guide-graduate from Paul Petersens Idrætsinstitut.  He loves spending time in nature with the students and share his knowledge and excitement about wild life. 

Nanna Brendholdt

Nanna is fascinated by the unpredictability of nature, and she loves to explore how people can live in harmony with nature. She is educated within the field of geography and has been working internationally with climate change, social justice, sustainability, and human rights. Nanna teaches yoga and meditation classes as well.